Too Good

You ever experienced something so good you couldn’t wait to tell folks about it?

There’s a story told about a pastor in Philadelphia. One day around noon when he was walking down Chestnut Street in Philadelphia, he noticed a bum coming straight toward him. This pastor was wearing his nice preacher’s suit. The bum was wearing layer upon layer of filthy clothing. His most obvious feature, however, was a tangled beard that hung nearly to his waist. Bits of rotting food were stuck in the beard. The teeth he had left were yellow and rotted. He was holding a cup of McDonald’s coffee in his hand. The cup looked as it had been used many times before. As he staggered toward the pastor, he yelled, “Hey mister! Ya want some of my coffee?”

As you can imagine, the pastor really didn’t want any of the coffee but he reconsidered and said, “OK,” and took a very small sip. He handed the cup back to the man and said, “You are feeling pretty generous today. What’s gotten into you?” The man answered back, “Well, I figure, if God gives you somethin’ good, you ought to share it with somebody else.”

This story also reminds me of the story in John 4 where the Samaritan freak (you know, booty call freak, not like goth freak) came to a well and met Jesus. Jesus told her that he could quench her deepest thirst. Jesus told her that real worship was in spirit and truth, not at a location. Jesus revealed that he was the promised Messiah. Her response? She ran and told the whole town about Jesus based on the encounter she had with him. The townspeople then came and met Jesus and they say in verse 42, “we know that this is indeed the Savior of the World.”

A burdened and thirsty soul that comes to Jesus in faith and believes that he is Savior of the World will receive peace and eternal satisfaction with God.

A satisfied soul then becomes in God a spring of Jesus’ life-giving message.

Those who have experienced (tasted and seen) that the Lord is good (Psalm 34:8) and have trusted that abundant life is only found in Him, respond like the homeless man in the first story.

If you are spiritually thirsty (John 4:7-15), Jesus can satisfy that craving in your heart.

If you have experienced that satisfaction in Jesus, have you told someone about him today?

He’s too good not to share.

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Brett Durham is currently a church planting resident at Fellowship Bible Church, Roswell. Brett is married to his best friend and dance party extraordinaire, Holly, and together they have two incredible blessings, MaryMayes and Madelyn. You can learn more about Brett at, or follow him on twitter @brettedurham.

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