What do you think of when you hear the word innovation?

I think of Steve Jobs unveiling a revolutionary new phone.  Or I think of things like the invention of the printing press.  Or electricity…that was a big one. These types of innovations are impressive. They move culture.

But here’s an example of innovation from Chick-fil-A and Heinz


They took something simple – something used thousands of times a day – and made it better.  It wasn’t a world-changing discovery but it’s an innovative change that made life slightly better for people who eat more chicken.

This is innovation in the everyday. It’s not on the cover of Wired magazine, and it’s not attracting venture capital from one of the world’s biggest hedge funds. It’s way too common for that.

Innovation is more ordinary than people realize. And it happens on a much smaller scale. In fact, you can innovate right where you are in ways that make life better for so many.

If you’re married, how about planning an innovative date for your spouse. Take the normal dinner and movie and add some ingenuity and creativity. If you’ve got kids, how about innovating a family night. Turn off Netflix and plan a family Olympics, complete with water games

If you’re a volunteer at church, set aside some time and think about how you can serve bigger, better or more personally.

If your faith has grown a little stale, how can you bring fresh energy and ideas to something that’s so important?

Sure, you might not invent the teleporter, or pioneer driver-less cars, but you’ve got plenty of opportunities to innovate right where you are.


After six years as a church planter and three years working with The Rocket Company, Michael personally helps churches clarify their vision and reach people for Jesus. He is married to Jennie and they have three kids. Home is Jacksonville, Florida. Read more at or follow him @mlukaszewski

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