Seek First, Trust Always

“Those who know your name trust in you, for you, Lord, have never forsaken those who seek you.” ~Proverbs 9:10

Okay, be honest… Do you trust God? I mean REALLY trust God?


Do you trust out of respect, admiration, and love… or fear, because you’re scared to go to hell or someone tried to scare you into the Kingdom?

Okay, let me pose another question… a theological question asked by my 4-year old nephew the other day. Yes, 4-year olds can ask theological questions. He asked… “If Jesus died for our sins, how come we still sin?”


(I hope his dad had a great response for him because I would have been like… uhhhhhhh.)

Seven years ago, I was at a crossroads in life and was on my way to a new self-imposed spiritual and relational low point in my life. I was trying to be a “good person” and gain spiritual favor by my actions, but I had this knack for not being able to get out of my own way.

Have you ever been there?

So, enter Proverbs 9:10 and my takeaways from the power of the Word that gives life.

When we actively seek God, then we will get to know Him, which leads to trust.

Do you know the Lord or just know about him?

For the longest time, I could not claim that I knew the Lord for myself. What I knew about the Lord came from whatever I heard from the preacher in church, from my mom, or my grandmother. I had never spent quality time with the Lord like that. Going to church or praying was just done out of ritual or routine.

A few years ago, I finally acknowledged that I really did not trust God. (If you’re thinking it, why not just share it with Him?) And God responded that He did not trust me. So, I had a decision to make — either find a way to trust the Lord or just keep doing things in my own unfulfilling way.

I wanted to seek Him to see if I could ever trust Him wholeheartedly, but how? How can you ever learn to love or trust someone that you cannot see, touch, or feel?

This led me to think about how I got to a place where I could say that I trust family and friends. I realized that I “spent time with them to get to know who they really were. And by spending quality time with someone over a period of time, you will eventually learn to love and grow to trust them more. You won’t be wary of them all the time.

From this I came up with my own mission statement which says, “I will get to know God, so I can learn to trust and grow to love Him… all while enjoying life right where I am.”

Praise God for his faithfulness because not only do I know Him (for myself), but I also trust Him.

I will continue to seek the Lord daily.

Lord, thank you for your faithfulness and always honoring your Word. When I was at a crossroads, you said in Matthew 6:33 that if I will “seek first your kingdom and your righteousness then all things would be added unto me.” Not only have you done that, but you have let me in on knowing you and now I can say that I love and trust you. Thank you for never forsaking me. In Jesus name, Amen!

As you seek God and thirst for Him, I pray that you recognize and embrace the fact that God ALWAYS knows best and He can be trusted (if you’re willing to get to know Him for yourself). Everything God provides and will provide is not only fulfilling… it quenches.

(Just in case you were wondering… my brother-in-law’s response to his 4-year old son: “Jesus died for our past, present, and future sins. We won’t be without sin until we reach heaven and are made brand new.”)


Carlester T. Crumpler is a Husband, Father, Son, Big Bro, Uncle Crump, Servant, Friend, NFP Banker, Former NFL Player, and most importantly a Follower of Jesus Christ. He spearheads the nonprofit banking effort for Bank of America in Georgia by providing banking products and services that help nonprofits achieve greater mission impact in the communities they serve. Carlester is a byproduct of God’s tremendous grace and resides in Atlanta, GA with his bride, Yarid, and two daughters, Sophia and Natalia. Follow him on Twitter @carlester.


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