Monday, January 6

You and I were made to worship, without exception. If you inhale and exhale air, you were made to worship. No matter where you are in regards to faith, if you give that statement some thought, you will probably agree with me. We all have an ardent devotion to something, whether that something is your occupation, a sports team or a romantic interest, something or someone grabs our attention. From the moment we wake up in the morning, something or someone is screaming to not only capture our attention, but keep it.
From the beginning of time, I think it has always been that way. As a matter of fact, in one of the most popular Psalms, the 23rd Psalm, it reads “He restores my soul.” How is your soul today? Refusing to forgive others or pride makes our souls unattractive. The writer of this psalm reminds us that our souls need maintenance. The word “restore” points us to the idea of “again.” The writer of the psalm makes note that the Lord God restores their soul. The soul cannot be self-maintained but there is a need for us to turn again to the One who restores and refreshes, the Lord God.

Eric Stallworth
Executive Pastor, Perimeter Pointe Church