Obey your Thirst

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
for they will be filled.
Matthew 5:6

One of my favorite movies of all time came on the other day. I was glued to the television for the next hour. There is a particular scene that excites me each time I see the movie. A mentor is standing with his prodigy, and they are talking about the spiritual state of the people they are leading. He shows him two glasses of water. One glass of water is pure, clean and good for life. The other is tainted with ink that makes it look dark, dirty and undesirable. The older man asked the younger man which of the glasses he would choose if he was thirsty, the young man said “this one of course”, pointing to the clean glass. The mentor asked “what if the other is all you were offered”? “I suppose I would drink it if I were thirsty enough”. This is what the teacher wanted his student to understand. Our people are thirsty and are consuming anything that is being offered. We must be the ones who stand and offer them that which is pure, clean and good for life.

Jesus’ words to his disciples that day on the mountainside would have made a great trailer for this scene. Jesus was sending his disciples out into a world that was consuming itself to death with sin and false teaching. Jesus was sending heralds to announce to the world “you’re drinking from a tainted glass, the pure and clean has come”. We have this same message to all who will hear. So many of us have spent years gulping from tainted glasses, glasses filled to the brim of chasing money, power and position, unhealthy relationships and arrogance. Some of us traded in our 12 oz. glasses for 44 oz. mugs of sexual encounters and visual pleasures, drugs and alcohol, hate, spite, anger and malice. All these we thought would consume our thirst but left feeling as if our thirst was going to consume us, which led to feelings of despair and depression.

Those who are thirsty for better lives, clean souls, and peaceful minds should accept Jesus’ offer of being filled. Jesus is allowing us to know that our thirst cannot be filled by outside, earthly sources. Just as water is a necessity for our physical survival, the gift of righteousness is essential for our spiritual growth and maturity. Obey your thirst.

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Therron “TC” Cunningham leads C3-Connecting Christian Church, a church plant in Lousiville, KY. He is husband to Kendra R. Cunningham and father of three wonderful children Tionne, Therron and Temple. Follow him on Twitter @MN9154.

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