The Road Paved With Patience

I would never consider myself the patient type. I have always gone after what I wanted and never took no for an answer. I had gone through my fifth miscarriage when a doctor told me I probably would never be able to carry a baby. My heart sank because I could not understand why God would disappoint me five times. I was not perfect, but I was a good person and tried to treat others how I wanted to be treated.


All of my friends around me were getting pregnant and I was ecstatic for them, but I could not figure out why it felt like God was putting me on hold or saying “no” to me when it came to children. I decided to go to a bookstore to distract my mind from the news I had just received. I began perusing through different books on the shelf and a woman came from out of nowhere and said, “I feel like I should tell you that everything that is in your heart will happen. You cannot give up even when it gets hard. Life will happen and you will gain great character, but it is a call for what is to come in your life. God is preparing you for a large platform and you have to go through things to identify with the people you are going to reach.”


I was encouraged by her words, but not surprised because God has a track record of doing those types of things in my life. As I got to the car, I told God if kids were not in the cards for me then I was okay with it. If me having miscarriages were for those I would meet along the way and my story can inspire them, I am okay with that too. I cried for an hour or two and then I released it. Well, almost 12 years later God blessed me with a daughter.


There are times in my life that I have given up right before God was about to bless me. Perhaps God wanted me to work on my patience. Maybe he wanted me to persist in my prayers to him regarding having children? It could have been all of the above. I believe my lesson was to wait on God’s timing and TRUST that his timing is always better than mine.


After all he has already taken the time to map out my life. He knows ALL! I had to go through that and I would not change it for anything. We all have bumps on our journey, but God bless the road that led me straight to Him! That experience taught me surrender and pushed me closer to God. I challenge you today to let God into every area of your life and release your desire for control…it’s so much better that way.


Kim Womble is a wife, a mommy, a blogger entrepreneur, lover of all things Hip Hop, and life coach. And, first and foremost, a God follower! Find & follow her @KimberlyWomble.


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  1. Wow! Thank you Kimberly for sharing your amazing story. This has blessed me in more ways than you can imagine. The term surrender has always been a challenge for me. Your prayer to God floored me. To say that you told God that if kids were not in His plan for you that you were ok with that, tore right through to my soul. No one will go through five miscarriages unless they have a deep desire for a child. To have experienced that and surrendered your dream for Gods plan for your life is an extraordinary decision. You did just what God instructed us to do in his word.
    Matthew 6:33 “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.”

    Thank you for sharing this incredible journey.

    Chinua Hawk

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