An Uphill Battle

Seeing the recent snow fall here in Atlanta and the effect it has had on the city, immediately made me think of the last time we saw snow like this in Georgia. A couple of years ago, I remember observing various people on my block drive up a high hill of our subdivision, as they attempt to get onto the cross street. I remember seeing car after car go up the hill, only to slide right back down, due to all the “black ice.” My entire neighborhood would be snowed in for three days.
Well, correction…almost my entire neighborhood. I remember on the second day, watching my neighbor, in her small black Honda, go up the hill only to slide right back down. Up the hill and then down again she went. “Doesn’t she see that NONE of the other cars have made it up that hill?” I thought. As her tires burned rubber and smoke came from the exhaust, my heart went out to her. I mean really, we’ve all been in a tough spot in one way or another. Yet, like clockwork, get in her car. Drive up the hill. Slide back down. Get out of her car. Assessed for damage to her car, and then get back in her car and climb the hill again. Finally, after countless attempts, with the same amount of determination, she floored it one last time. This time, to many onlookers’ surprise, she made it to the top! So happy about her victory, I could see other neighbors cheering her on as she immediately got out of the car and celebrated her victory by jumping up and down. The scene was reminiscent of Rocky as he leaped upon reaching the top of the Philadelphia Museum of Art steps…I’ll never forget the lesson I was reminded of that day.
My lesson: It doesn’t matter if you’re facing an uphill battle. With a little faith and determination, you can reach your destination. In retrospect, it’s interesting how in the moment I was reminded of a lesson I had already become familiar with in my own life experience.
See, from the days of my youth, to beginning in ministry, to ultimately starting a magazine and even writing books, I was not the person who had it “easy.” In my life, from beginning to end, it’s been nothing short of the grace of God that allowed me to work my row and produce His harvest. Through no doing of my own, my life has been an echo of what the Psalmist wrote, “…For promotion cometh neither from the east, nor from the west, nor from the south. It is God who judges: He brings one down, He exalts another.” — Psalm 75:6
Today, this word is for anyone who feels like they’re facing a climb. Please know, no matter how hard the climb may seem, with the help of God, NOTHING CAN STOP YOU! My prayer is that these words reach all of those who seem to be facing a battle. Maybe you’re launching out in business. Maybe ministry. Maybe you’re believing God for healing in your health. Whatever it is, I want to encourage you to keep climbing. Keep fighting and never give up on God, knowing He’s Able. He’s Faithful and He won’t fail!
So, stay the course.
You’re closer than you think!


Nikki Washington travels as an advocate for sexual abstinence. Armed with her testimony of virginity, she shares the message of waiting, hope and self-worth to youth and unmarried adults alike. Additionally, she oversees the day-to-day operations of Glow Magazine – a Christian women’s publication. She has a heart to see God’s people transformed and lives changed through the sharing of the gospel of Jesus Christ. To learn more about Nikki and her soon-to-be-released book The Pleasure Principle, go to, or follow her on Twitter @NikkWashington.

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