Time with Jesus

Today I decided to express my thoughts through a little story. I hope you enjoy it and find it helpful.

Time with Jesus is like sitting in a canoe in the middle of the most beautiful lake you can imagine. Peace, serenity, and harmony abound. The sounds of nature mix beautifully like an incredible symphony directed by the director of all directors.

I sit silently in the midst of this greatness trying hard not to disturb the groove with the unsettled melody that has become my life. As I lie down in the middle of all of this magnificence, the notes from my chaotic melody appear on paper in front of me. There is no proper chord structure or time signature and I am embarrassed to present this to the director.

The hesitation and fear of a child experiencing his first day of school is how I feel, and it cripples my confidence. Clearly, these uncooperative compositions have become unbearable to listen to.  Without judgment the director gently removes the paper from my hand and asks, “Do you trust me?”  Like a child I nod my head yes, and He immediately begins rearranging the notes and chords into the most beautiful but complicated melody. As Nature’s band begins to play this spectacular piece of music, I fall to my knees and weep in disbelief. How could he do it? How could this director take something so messed up and create something so beautiful?

Then He turns to me and says. “The music inside of you has always been beautiful. You just stopped listening so all of the notes started doing their own thing until the noise became unbearable for you. Let that noise always serve as a warning to you that it’s time to stop and listen. It happens to everyone. I’m glad you knew to come to me for your help. I’m glad that you trusted me to re-arrange your song.”

And just like that my canoe and I turn around and head back out to face the world with a new song with the most beautiful melody.

The End


This story is indicative of many of our lives as we go about our day to day simply surviving. We assiduously neglect our true calling with mindless tasks so we can impress others with our packed schedules. Eventually, our “to do” lists are echoing so loudly in our heads that the still, small voice trying to direct us to our greater purpose is barely audible.

The only way out of this mess is to surrender your plans to God. He will not only show you what to do, but He will provide everything you need to accomplish this divine task.

He’s asking you to trust Him and His perfect plan for your life.

“Unless we have more confidence and Trust in God than we do in ourselves our plans are not going to work.” –Pastor Jessie Butler

Psalm 118:18

It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man.”


Chinua Hawk is an Atlanta based singer/songwriter who, over a span of almost two decades, has produced five albums, including his latest 2013 offering, Waiting on Christmas. In addition to his offerings as an independent artist, Hawk has recorded with Talib Kweli and Kanye West, written songs with Wyclef Jean, and performed live with Celine Dion. Despite the success he has experienced, Hawk realizes that his platform is ultimately about helping others.

“My music is about real life, it’s about encouraging people. It’s about what my Creator placed in my heart from a small child to achieve.”-Chinua Hawk


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