Regular Maintenance

Sometimes it seems as if my life is flying by like a high speed train of controlled chaos. Short local stops pass the time and allow for new passengers to embark while the familiar disembarks. A constant state of new environments and people make what appears to be a seamless journey uncomfortable at times. Even the shiniest new train with all of today’s latest technology needs to be taken out of service for regular maintenance. Only what is maintained can go the farthest distance.

It has been my experience that I serve and listen better when I make time for my “regular maintenance.” This includes resting with no tasks and no commitments to anyone. I’ve found that it is during these times that I hear from God. It could be something as simple as taking a walk on a track or a mountain trail, and suddenly the chaos melts away into clarity. Suddenly those empty places don’t seem so empty and inspiration returns.

That thirst for a connection to my Source amazingly starts to lessen, although it will never be completely diminished. God builds up my strength for the next thing He has for me to do when I’m being still.

Sounds simple, but for me simplicity is the order of the day. Resting, walking, meditating, reading or just having an open conversation with God while lying in my bed are my ways of recharging and reconnecting with God.

I have no guilt or regrets from any breaks I’ve taken because I know that I need that personal time, in order to be effective.

Perhaps a break would do you some good in this New Year. Happy New Year


Chinua Hawk is an Atlanta based singer/songwriter who, over a span of almost two decades, has produced five albums, including his latest 2013 offering, Waiting on Christmas. In addition to his offerings as an independent artist, Hawk has recorded with Talib Kweli and Kanye West, written songs with Wyclef Jean, and performed live with Celine Dion. Despite the success he has experienced, Hawk realizes that his platform is ultimately about helping others.

“My music is about real life, it’s about encouraging people. It’s about what my Creator placed in my heart from a small child to achieve.”-Chinua Hawk