Watch What You Say

Growing up I talked a lot. As a matter of fact according to my husband I am still a big talker. My grandmother used to call me a little parrot. I have also always had big dreams and big ideas. It’s funny how early on as an adult, God allowed me to experience the joy of speaking a lot of amazing things for my life into existence. However during that time, I thought it was all about me and that I held all the power. I felt brave. Then in my early 30’s my world begin to come apart and I suffered some big losses. Although in the natural I lost a lot, in the spirit realm I finally began the journey of my true personal relationship with God. During that transition, I begin to realize that in the past the things that were happening in my life were not just the result of my big vision or my big mouth.  I realized it was God and my faith. I quickly reckoned with the fact that he was the the one who brought these things  in my life into existence. He also, being true to his Word, allowed my words to yield negative results as well. However, in as much as I was calling in all the favor and all the riches I could hold, I didn’t know the words or the prayers needed to hold on to it. Nor was I aware that if I spoke fear and doubt then it yielded a negative return. You see you need to do a little more than call in the blessings. I learned the hard way that I needed to speak preparation and a covering for the blessings. If you only speak “I am driving a new car” then that’s what you get. You have to complete the sentence. You need to request the preparation to receive the blessing, for example a garage. Then the provision to maintain the blessing, for example money for insurance, maintenance and in this economy, gas.

With age comes wisdom, and now I am also aware that this level of faith carries a responsibility. I am aware that God blesses us to be a blessing to others. (He covers more territory that way) Therefore I am more mature and careful to speak words of life and blessing for a multitude of people and not just myself.  I am not only speaking and praying for a great things to happen in my life, but I am careful to also ask for the wisdom and the knowledge to know what to do with these riches. I am also speaking good health and happiness in my life and the life of others. The bible states that life and death lies in the tongue. God has given us the power to use our mouths to shape our world. I am still a big talker and my dreams are expansive, but I am more careful and thoughtful with my words and the power that lies within them. I have now grown to acknowledge and speak “All God’s Best” for not only myself, but for everyone around me. Most important, I have learned to “watch what I say.”

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Tracey Baker-Simmons is a Christian, Wife, Mother, Visionary, Executive Producer, Boss, Lecturer. Nurturer, Teacher. Professor, Leader, and Giver. She works as a development executive in television and resides in North Bergen, NJ with her husband Karriem and her son Jacob (when he is not away at college). She loves GOD above ALL!!

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