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Join us this Sunday at 10:30 am


We’re so glad you visited our website! We have several ways you can connect to learn what we’re about. You may consider taking one of the steps below and discover that we are a church with a casual atmosphere, smaller environment, and hopefully one where you feel you can just relax and be yourself!

Life Groups

First, Perimeter Pointe Church offers Life Groups – often called community or neighborhood groups.

We’re passionate about people connecting in groups, because we’re convinced sustained life-change happens best in the context of community. Everybody needs somebody they can laugh/cry/pray with, a safe place to ask questions or share a burden. That’s why groups are so important to us!

Life Groups meet once a week in homes throughout our community. We’d love for you to be a part of one!

Often they share a meal together. They read the Bible together and stay up to date on what’s new. They’re the perfect place to make friends and explore God’s Word!

Sunday Gatherings

There, you can expect a practical, relevant message taught based on the Bible, as well as singing and opportunities to connect and help out (if you want!).

Wednesday Prayer

If you would like prayer, or want to join us in prayer we gather on conference calls throughout the day on Wednesday’s for about ten minutes each time.  They take place at 6am, 9am, 12pm, 3pm and 6pm. 

To join one of the calls:

Dial 1-781-838-3851 712-770-4010# (Do not dial 1 and then the number) 865772# 

All others: 712-770-4010 865772#

Lunch or Coffee with Pastor Will

The cool thing about our church is we are small and casual enough where anyone who wants to can grab coffee or lunch with Pastor Will.  He is always eager to hear people’s story and encourage people in the journey!

Thanks for checking us out! 
We’re just ordinary people who love an extraordinary GOD!
Contact Pastor Will @ will@perimeterpointe.org